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Whiplash injury claim calculator £1,800 (5-6 months Whiplash)

There was evidence at court in this road injury compensation claim example that a low impact crash between a bus and a car did not cause a whiplash injury to the driver and passenger of the car.

It was claimed by the bus driver that his bus only slightly nudged the car in front and therefore the force of the collision could not have resulted in a whiplash injury compensation claim. The bus driver denied there was sufficient energy in the crash to cause personal injury.

The bus driver’s insurance company certainly believed him and they defended the claim for whiplash injury compensation. The bus driver’s insurance company instructed experts and solicitor and took the claim to court.

At court the Judge believed that there was a collision, there was evidence that the car had been damaged and that damage was as a result of the collision with the bus but was of a minor nature.

The claimant said and this was supported by the medical expert instructed by the solicitors that he had made a full recovery within 5-6 months of the accident.

The Judge awarded for the whiplash injury compensation claim in the sum of £1,800 for injuries alone plus the cost of repair to the car and other expenses and losses as a direct result of the road traffic accident.


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