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How much compensation for whiplash? £2000 (10-12 Months)

A cyclist in his early 30’s suffered whiplash Injury to his neck when his bike was struck by a car door that had opened into his path whilst he was riding his bike.

The cyclist was treated by paramedics and admitted to hospital with multiple but not serious injuries, mainly cuts and bruising to his arms, hands, legs. He also suffered from whiplash to his neck which stopped him working for 1 week. He was unable to go to the gym for a month and play rugby with his local club for a month as well.

The medical expert advised that the cuts and bruising would settle and a full recovery made within 2 months and the whiplash injury claim, for the purposes of making a compensation claim would settle and a full recovery within 10-12 months.

Whiplash compensation average payout

In this particular case, ignoring the average payout but an actual assessment of the valuaiton of the whiplash injury compensation payout, it has been valued at £2,000. There is no such thing as a whiplash injury claims calculator but the whiplash injury solicitor will take into account

Consequential compensation following the whip lash claim also paid for the write off damage to his bike, clothing and cost of gym membership for 1 month.

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