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As whiplash compensation claim solicitors we are often asked how much compensaiton are you entitled to. Well, the answer is, “it depends?” Ok not the answer you were looking for rightnow but please read on as we have a lot of information on how to value a whiplash claim here.

Whiplash Claim Average Payouts for compensation

The previous answer, “it depends” is because each case will be decided on its own facts. So first and foremost, you have to be the innocent driver so if the accident was your fault, you do not get any compensation.

So if the accident was not your fault and or you are a passenger of the vehicle and you have sustained a whiplash injury following a collision with another vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation whether or not the other vehicle is insured.

Average Whiplash Compensation Payouts

The picture attached to this blog will provide you with a guide to how much money can be obtained from a whiplash injury. If you are a passenger, you will have to sue either the other driver who was in the third party vehicle, or the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in. However, if both or more drivers in the accident share blame, you may have to take action against all the drivers to get 100% of the whiplash injury compensation.

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