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Whiplash car accident claims are common following a road crash between two or more vehicles. The majority of collision are between two motor vehicles. In this road crash claim example, two cars collided at a traffic light junction.

One car was stationary when the lights were showing red. The car behind failed to stop and struck the stationary car with some force. The occupants in the stationary car were shook up, and jolted as a result of the force of impact.

Both parties duly exchanged insurance and personal details and the occupants in the stationary car sought advice from whiplash claim solicitors.

Both were subsequently examined by a whiplash doctor who advised of the following whiplash injury:

Whiplash injury compensation payout guide

  • Driver – whiplash injury claim for 6 months – compensation payout £2,000
  • Front seat passenger compensation for whiplash injury – 5 months £1,900
  • Back seat passenger – whiplash from car accident – 3 months £1,600

All whiplash injury claimants instructed specialist road accident solicitors to claim their compensation. In this case example all claimant’s received 100% of their compensation less a sum of £35 for the costs of the road accident after the event insurance costs. The whiplash solicitor took nothing from their compensation unlike many other personal injury solicitor who can take up to 25% of their compensation.

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