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Whiplash compensation and car accident whiplash

In this whiplash compensation claim example, handled by experienced personal injury lawyers, the innocent driver sustained a neck and knee injury as a result of the car accident whiplash claim.

Here the claimed also suffered from depression and a post-traumatic travel anxiety. The driver had been particular nervous and experienced flashbacks and palpitations when driving a car or travelling as a passenger.

The driver underwent 9 sessions of formal counselling (CBT), which helped the driver to overcome the anxiety.

In addition to the whiplash compensation the knee pain persisted to the extent that the driver underwent an arthroscopy where a knee replacement was necessary. The car accident whiplash solicitors sent the Driver to a medical expert to examine the claimant following an MRI that was obtained. The MRI revealed deterioration in the knee joint that was present before the car accident but there was no pain or suffering.

The doctor was of the view that the road accident had accelerated the knee injury by 5 years – what this means is that had it not been for the road accident whiplash claim, the knee pain would not have happened for another 5 years post accident i.e. it would have happened in any event.

A total knee replacement would be required within 9 years post accident. The nervousness when travelling improved over a period of time to the extent that a full recover was made some 24 months post car accident whiplash claim.

Car accident whiplash compensation

The whiplash compensation together with the injuries to the knee (permanent but little intrusion) and psychological effects recovered within 24 months, quantum is assessed in the region of about £14,000.

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