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Compensation for whiplash and car accident Solicitors

In this case the car accident solicitor were instructed to make a claim on behalf of a driver of a 4 x 4 vehicle which crashed into a HGV lorry where the driver and passengers received compensation for whiplash.

The accident happened on a country road when the lorry driver pulled out of a side road without seeing the 4 x 4 vehicle. As a result of the lorry actions, the car struck the front passenger side of the lorry causing the road accident and injuries to the occupants.

The car accident solicitor were instructed to make a compensation claim for whiplash.

The following is a summary for each occupant and the amount of compensation they have received:


He sustained the brunt of the whiplash injury. He was off work for 3 weeks due to the pain in his neck and left shoulder. He also experience lower back pain. In summary, he made a full recovery from the road accident within 16 months.

The compensation for whiplash recovered by the road accident solicitor was £3,100.

Front seat passenger

The female occupant was talking to the driver at the time of the accident and hyper-extended her right side of the neck due to the impact with the lorry as she was turned to her right. She complained of neck pain due to the soft tissue whiplash injury, the said pain had fully resolved within 8 months.

The female passenger recovered compensation for whiplash through her road accident solicitor, the payout being £2,300.

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