Flight Delayed, Cancelled or Rerouted?

The British kept a stiff upper lip in the past and put up with the endless delays on flights due to various excuses and reasons by airline companies. Nowhere to go or even sleep whilst waiting for your delayed flight to take off. No entertainment, kids screaming and messing about and totally bored. Not a great way to start you 7 days or 14 days holiday a year (if your lucky).

Well, a little something has gone your way. If your flight has been delayed by more than 3 hours and your airline is based in the EU and or your flight has taken off or landed in a EU Country you may now be entitled to ‘fight delay compensation.”

Holiday, business or pleasure?

Admittedly some flight delay compensation is better than nothing at all. Yes the airlines will point to excuses and extraordinary circumstances that is out of their control so they should not pay passengers anything for the significant delays, frustration and boredom. Airlines will also state that they will put the costs of flights up to cope with the flight delay compensation. However, if the treat their passengers will fairness, stop the endless delays, a little bit on the ticket price may be a price worth paying to get in the air without the flight delays and if the airlines get their act together, it may lead to less compensation.

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