Whiplash car accident and Solicitors compensation payout

Whiplash car accident claims summary:

In this road accident claim example the claimant was a front seat passenger in a car driven by his friend. They were travelling from Liverpool to Manchester on the M 62 Motorway for a night out.

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They were due to meet friends in Manchester in the City and go for a meal and a night out. However, the driver of the vehicle failed to see that the traffic was slowing down in front of him due to a broken down lorry. He failed to stop in time and hit the vehicle immediately in front of him causing the motorway road crash, and sustained whiplash injury.

The emergency services were called, police and an ambulance crew cut both out of the vehicle.

They were both rushed to hospital with none fatal accident wounds. After several weeks the passenger’s family instructed whiplash injury solicitors in Liverpool to make a compensation claim. They were informed that the claim must be against his driver friend as he caused the road crash and he was responsible for collision.

Whiplash Injury Claim Form

The passenger was at first reluctant to claim, but the serious whiplash injury he sustained was such that he was also unable to work for a period of 2 months and he was financially out of pocket. Reluctantly he made a whiplash car accident and solicitors claim.

Whiplash injury compensation payout guide

This was quite a serious whiplash compensation claim made by Liverpool solicitors. The whiplash injuries lasted for a period of 24 months before a full recovery was made.

Following out of court negotiations the Solicitors were asked how much compensation for the whiplash could be claimed. In total the action was whiplash payout was valued at £4,500.

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