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A nurse was injured in road traffic accident and subsequently made a whiplash injury compensation claim with her injury lawyers. The other driver crashed into the rear of her car which was shunted forwards into the car in front of her.

Blame for the road crash was admitted by the insurers for the other driver for the damage in injury claims to both drivers. Whilst the nurse’s car hit the car in front, she was not liable for the claim as a result of the other driver failing to stop and causing her car to be propelled into the front of the other car.

The whiplash injury claim lawyers made a claim for her whiplash neck pain. She was absent from work for 4 weeks. She required her family to help her with personal care and around the house. She could not do any shopping due to her whiplash injury which also radiated to the top of her shoulders and back.

The medical expert who examined her on behalf of her personal injury road traffic accident lawyers advised that she would made a full recovery from her whip lash injury within 12 months from the car crash.

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Whiplash injury claim calculator payout £3,500

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