VW Compensation Claims – An Update

The court action is progressing.  An application was made and heard in January 2017 in the High Court of Justice in London.  That hearing was adjourned so that all the Claimant solicitors can agreee a strategy to co-ordinate the action.

A further hearing was held in June 2017 to update the court on the progress of the Claimant Solicitors.  There is now a further time-line that the Claimant solicitors will adhere to which should take them up to October 2017.

You may recall that in  2015 the German VW carmaker admitted  that about 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide – including 1.2 million in the UK – were fitted with software to cheat emissions tests. In the USA various litigation and fines were levied against VW but in the UK they claim they have not broken any laws so no VW compensation can be claimed.

As a result thousands of VW Owners are making a claim in the UK Courts.

VW Group include:

  • Volkswagen Vehicles
  • Seat Vehicles
  • Audi Vehicles
  • Skoda Vehicles.

VW Compensation Claims – Progress for a Class Action

VW Compensation Claims

In October 2017, all the Claimant solicitors will be waiting to see if the Judge will make a Group Litigation Order (GLO) commonly known as a ‘Class Action’ which is the formal process of allowing groups of claimants with similar claims to be managed by the court in a cost efficient way.

For further information on GLO or Class Actions please click on this link: VW Class Action – Civil Procedural Rules Part 19

VW Compensation Claims

If you wish to pursue a claim against the VW Group and you have had a recall letter please contact us by sending clickong on our contact page and we will get back to you quickly.

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