Unruly passengers attack airline crew due to flight delay

The incident happened in China after a flight delay on April 24 2016.  Passengers were enraged after failing to talk to representatives and they proceeded to attacked a member of  airline staff and slapped a security guard.  Shocking footage Found here.

Flight delay

The footage shows the moment a group of flight delay passengers began to attack airport staff at a Chinese airport.

Their flight was delayed by bad weather and according to reports, the airline’s representative declined to meet with them.  The incident is thought to have taken place at around 8:30pm at Changsha Huanghua International Airport after Capital Airline’s flight landed later than its scheduled time.  The flight was scheduled to travel from Changchun in north-east China to Changsha in south-west China and was supposed to arrive at 6:10pm.   If you have suffered a flight delay please contact our team today.

A male passenger can be seen slapping a female member of staff in the face and then continuing to push her away from the desk at the gate.  The footage has caused an outrage on China’s social media.  China has many issues with passengers behaving badly and has introduced a black list scheme to try and curb the number of incidents in airports and on planes.

Those who are added to the list will have their names and a description of their behaviour entered onto a database and they will remain there for between one to three years.   

Last week, a male passenger was arrested after opening the plane door for some ‘fresh air’ as the aircraft was getting ready to take off. He was reportedly experiencing travel sickness and confused a wing emergency door with a window. He had never flown before and thought that no one would notice if he opened it as the plane waited to take off.

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