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Fatal accident involving an explosion claim

A company had been sued for causing a fatal accident due to residential- grade water heater for a plastics extrusion.

The supervisor pleaded guilty. Payments of $450,000 have to be made to the families and have to complete 250 hours of community service. If this is not complete they will face jail for 90 days.

It is reported that the fatal explosion accident claim involved a building company that was in a rush to finish production when they bought a water heater for $541.66 from Lowe’s home improvement to avoid cost and proper fitting. The company removed the automatic safety shut- off protection and replaced it with a temperature control device which made the heater operate over its capacity. The heater was in poor condition as it leaked.

An employee noticed a puddle of water under the electric water heater and it exploded after they had reported it. Supervisors Jose Jimenez 51 and Isidro Echeverria 34 died in the fatal explosion accident when they went to investigate the water leakage. Their families will receive fatal accident compensation. A third man was injured by the shrapnel.

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