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Serious motorbike accident and claim advice – Witness Appeal

A schoolboy has been left with a broken back after being knocked off his motorcycle by a driver who then swore at him and drove away from the scene. The schoolboy was nearly paralysed in the hit-and-run smash, and his parents are appealing for help in bringing the driver to justice. The teenager has recalled how the driver who hit the back of the bike walked over to him and said, ‘serves you right’ before leaving him bleeding in the road. His father said: ‘Accidents do happen – but I would not have left a dog like this. He left my son in the road to die.’

Two of the three breaks he sustained to his back are set to mend on their own, but the third, which is close to his spine, could require surgery. The injured child is currently recuperating in the hospital’s spinal unit, where he will remain for the next two months, and is unable to stand or sit up.

He has had to put his plans to leave school and become a bricklayer on hold while he recovers from the crash.

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