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A young boy killed three of his school friends because of careless driving has now claimed it was one of the victims who caused the crash.

The 17 year old originally admitted that he was in the front passenger seat in the Peugeot 205 when it crashed on a single track road.

The collision killed two boys aged 15 and 16; also a girl of 18 was killed in the fatal accident.

The Peugeot 206 collided with a large wall support wall causing the fatal car accident.

Investigation’s into the crash shown that the car was travelling at a minimum of 50 to 45 miles per hour when the fatal accident occurred.

The 15 year old boy was thrown from the car and landed 15 meters away from the vehicle.

The 17 year old told police that the female was driving the car when the fatal car accident occurred.

When he was in hospital recovering from his injuries, he admitted to his father that he was driving the car and caused the fatal accident.

He told his father that he had been driving down the road at around 45 mph when the female grabbed the wheel to straighten the car up, when he pulled the wheel away from her causing the fatal car accident.

He pleaded guilty to causing their deaths and driving without due care and attention.

The 17 year old male driver called the emergency services at 8:15pm. As he was distressed it took around 15-20 minutes to find his location. Police arrived at the scene at 8:55pm.

On arrival at the scene it was clear all three passengers passed away at the scene.

The impact of the crash caused the engine to detach from the car and was on a nearby verge.

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