WiFi name causes flight delay

The next time you’re at the gate about to board a flight ensure everything you possess is far from threatening and suspicious so as not to get your flight delayed, or worse, get yourself arrested.

flight delay
In what can be called an unsettling experience passengers were left troubled when another passenger discovered a WiFi hotspot named “Mobile Detonation Device.”  Full story can be found here.

With the recent terrorist attacks occurring all over the world, the passenger wasted no time and told the crew about the discovery. Of course, to ensure the safety of the passengers, the crew informed the captain who then announced to all that the plane won’t leave until the device is found and surrendered.  Unfortunately, no one aboard the plane had anything to surrender to the crew which led to the delay of the plane’s departure. Since it was a hotspot, the crew believed that it could’ve been a passenger from outside the aircraft.  If you have suffered a flight delay contact us today.

The flight was cleared for take-off after half an hour, leaving no clue to the whereabouts of the threatening hotspot and its owner.
Because the crew was unsuccessful in locating the device, some of the passengers decided to leave the flight, adding to the delay since the crew had to dislodge their baggage. Meanwhile, those who decided to stay were left disturbed all throughout the flight.

Though there were no looming threats and risk to the safety of the plane, the passengers and the crew were left scared by the unpleasant incident.

Please contact us today if you have suffered a flight delay, our website will provide all the information required.

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