Solicitors Hourly Rates Updated 2024

Solicitors Hourly Rates Updated

Guideline Hourly Rates (GHR) in England and Wales provide a framework for legal costs, serving as a basis for solicitors’ fees in various legal proceedings. These rates are set by the courts and are used to assess reasonable costs in litigation matters. The GHR consider factors such as location, complexity, and seniority of the solicitor. While they guide the legal profession and courts in determining fair remuneration, they are not mandatory and can be departed from if justified. The GHR are periodically reviewed, and adjustments are made to reflect economic changes. However, they have faced criticism for not keeping pace with market realities, leading to discussions about potential reforms in legal cost assessments.

The new guideline rates coming into force next year were Grade A Solicitors (qualified for more than 8 years) in  London now able to claim £546 an hour.  Regional Grade A Solicitor in Liverpool and Manchester will see £272 per hour up from £255 per hour.

The judicial office outlined the figures that will be applied from 1 January.  It is reported in the Law Society Gazette, that the Master of the rolls Sir Geoffrey Vos revealed last month that he would accept all the recommendations of the Civil Justice Council’s costs review, including an uplift in guideline hourly rates in accordance with the Services Producer Price Index (SPPI).A working group is also being established to look at the methodology underpinning the rates.

Guideline hourly rates are not a hard and fast rule but are used as a starting point by judges.  The rates can exceed the hourly rate judged on many factors but generally the more complexity the legal and factual case, the greater the hourly rate.  Essentially the rates are just a guideline only  a previous master of the rolls is reported to have said that the Guideline hourly rates for solicitors are  ‘broad approximations only’.

More on Guide Line Hourly rates click on the link; Solicitors Hourly Rates

Extract from the Law Society Gazette

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