No Win, No Fee and Solicitors taking 25% of your personal injury compensation

You may not realise but the change in law means that solicitors can take up to 25 of your compensation. Yes most solicitors will run your case, as usual under a No Win, No Fee, agreement.

But you have to remember now, that the question following the recent change is

“Can you let me know, what will it cost me if I win my claim and I recover injury compensation?”

“Can you let me know, what will it cost me if I win my claim and I recover injury compensation?”

By bringing a claim through us, our success fee is 0%. We do not change you anything win or lose (there may be deductions from your compensation via insurance or a barrister’s fess) but at least you have the possibility of keeping all or the majority of your compensation.

To illustrate, if you received a lump sum payment of £10,000 and all that compensation relates to past losses, your solicitor can take from that amount £2,500 leaving you with only £7,500.

If you came with us, your costs to your solicitor in respect of their success fee will be 0%. You could therefore have the potential of keeping the whole £10,000 in compensation.

Solicitors and Costs

Solicitors are going on courses on how to maximise costs. Here is a recent course which explains the position and the change in the law.

Maximising damages for claimants in RTA cases is now important given that:

  • Firms can take up to 25% of the claimant’s damages under the CFA. This raises real problems of access to justice in low value cases
  • In order to encourage law firms to take on these cases, and allow access to justice, there has to be incentive for law firms to do so, or they will simply not undertake low value cases, thus restricting access to justice, for accident victims
  • The costs of law firms conducting work in the portal has been restricted, and we now have the introduction of fixed costs PI cases post Jackson

Reference to Jackson is regarding the Government’s changes in the laws that allow solicitor to take 25% of your compensation.

100% Compensation and No Solicitors Costs Video Link

Please see our video on costs and compensation.

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