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A boy of six year old passed away after he was hit by a car. He was on his way to school when he ran out from behind a bus and was hit by the car.

He passed away from severe brain injuries 10 days after the fatal accident.

The driver of the car was driving down the road with her husband and children when she saw something in the corner of her eye. She braked instantly though could not prevent the crash.

The crash threw the young boy 30 metres down the road.

The mother of the boy didn’t see the fatal accident but ran into the road screaming when she realised her son had an accident.

The young boy was airlifted to hospital where he spent ten days before he passed away from a severe brain injury.

His mother said he was normally careful when he was crossing a road though he was have ran ahead because he was in a bad mood after she refused to buy him sweets that morning.

The mother, boy, two siblings and a neighbour’s child left their house at 7:45am. After one child was taken to nursery, the four of them got on the bus to school.

When getting off the bus at 8:20am, the mother was struggling with the pushchair. Her son and the neighbour’s child got off the bus ahead of her and when to the back of the vehicle. The female driver was in her white Audi Q5 and was traveling under 40mph.

When an investigation was carried out it was said that nothing could have stopped the fatal accident from occurring.

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