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Sex Abuse Claims – Time Limits

Criminal Injury Claims – Child Sex Abuse: In claims invovling sexual abuse the victim may be able to claim compensation through the courts or through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authortiy (CICA).  The CICA is a Government Body that has been set up to pay victims of child sex abuse and other criminal offences.

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Time Limits to Make a CICA Claim for Child Abuse

Survivors of sexual abuse for assault and wish to claim compensation have a period (generally speaking) of 2 years to submit it to the CICA and must:

•    Report the abuse to the police;
•    Make an application to the CICA within 2 years of the crime;
•    Or within 2 years of first reporting the matter to the police;
•    Or by your 20th birthday;

Often The Time has Passed – But May Not Be Too Late

Applications made beyond the two year time limit may still be considered by the CICA who will decide whether it is reasonable to waive this time limit in the circumstances of the case. Having said that there is case law that the CICA will have to take into account to decide if a claim for child sex abuse was brought in time.  There has been a recent  cases that falls in favour of the victim whose claim  was brought many years later and was deemed to be in time.

‘So it may not bee too late at all to bring

a claim, no matter how long ago…’


Information Child Sex Abuse Claims & CICA

Please click on this link football child sex abuse cases which provides some general guidance in relation to what the Courts consider when a dealing with a historic sex abuse claim.  As noted previoulsy, it is now much easier than before to bring historic child abuse claims so please do take legal advice as soon as possible.

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