Following on from the first post the valuation of the scaring to the child was assessed by the Solicitors, barristers and Court as follows:

The Plastic Surgeon who examined the child said:-

“Over the bridge and middle third of the nose the child has a scar in the shape of a ‘ V’. The scar is approximately 2cm in total length, being of a maximum width in parts of 3mm. The scar is slightly sunken, pale pink in colour and soft. [The child’s] nose look straight and there are no palpable abnormalities of the underlying nasal bones. [The child] has a permanent scar over the dorsum of his nose following the accident, which occurred on the [date]. There will be some slight further improvement in the appearance of the scar, as the colour of the scar fades further, however the scar will remain permanently visible and I think that given the site, size and quality of the scar that a scar revision is unlikely to significantly improve the overall appearance of the injured area.

I do not think the scar will cause any problems with the growth of [his] nose as he gets older and I do not think the scar will become more noticeable as he gets older.’

Child scar injury compensation claim valuation

Taking into consideration all of the above factors coupled with the tenderness of age, the Claimant’s scarring injuries, the scar is both prominent and permanent and will be seen at conversational distance. However there is a possibility as the Claimant ages that it may become, “slightly less noticeable.” Consequently the value is up to £7000.

Scar injury claims – bridge of nose compensation claim

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