Road Traffic Accident Claims – Permanent Tinnitus £9,000

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In this road traffic accident compensation claim, in a case called William v Barker, the pedestrian claimant was knocked over by a motor car.  The driver the motor car settled the compensation of the road accident via the motorist’s insurance company.

The Claimant sustained multiple injuries as follows:

  • soft tissue injury to left wrist
  • laceration to both knees
  • personal injury to lower spine
  • mild head injury
  • tinnitus

After attending hospital following the road traffic accident claim he was diagnosed with multiple soft-tissue injuries.  The claimant by and large recovered from the soft tissue injuries within a period of about 20 months post the car collision.  Some 50 months following the road traffic accident claims the symptoms still persisted by were only of a ‘nuisance’ level.  The soft tissue injuries would not affect the ability to work or undertake every day normal activity.

Cyclist injured - lying on floor - person attending
Road Traffic Accident Claims

Tinnitus Due to Head Injury – Road Traffic Accident Claims

However the main issue was tinnitus that followed from the minor head injury.  Here, the Claimant first noticed his tinnitus (noises, buzzing, ringing in the ears) about 2 days following the road collision. The noise was in both ears.  It was described as ‘intrusive’ initially but over a period of time the claimant adapted.  It was mainly affecting his sleep at night when it was quiet, he could hear the tinnitus more so the TV was kept on to mask the noise.  The tinnitus was said to be permanent.

Thankfully there was no deafness or hearing loss as a result of the road traffic accident causing the head injury.

Compensation for Tinnitus following road traffic accident

The compensation for tinnitus was in the sum of £5,000 and £5,000 for the soft-tissue injury claim.  A total road traffic accident claim for compensation for £10,000.  However it is said there was an overlap of injuries for pain and suffering meaning that the net award was reduced by £1000 making a total claim for £10,000.

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