Plane delay claims could soar after recent court ruling. 

The fact that the same issue had to go to the European court of justice despite the [UK] supreme court ruling, regarding technical issues, shows the lengths the airline industry will go to in an attempt to avoid paying out on valid plane delay claims. See our website for all you need to know.

plane delay claims
Under the EU compensation rules that passengers whose flight is cancelled or arrives more than three hours late can claim €250-€600 depending on the distance of the flight.

The compensation applies to flights departing from any EU airport or arriving in the EU with an EU carrier or one from Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

Passengers seeking plane delay compensation still face a battle with airlines who frequently cite adverse weather conditions or technical faults, which allows them to legally sidestep claims.   Airlines try many reasons to reject plane delay compensation claims, claiming that the technical fault was actually a “hidden manufacturing defect”. Although we tend to find that when cases reach court the airline is usually unable to supply proof of their reasons.

Approximately 79% of plane delay claims are immediately rejected, yet we will always attempt to obtain evidence and reasons to refute their allegations and in most cases we tend to obtain a successful outcome.   Contact us today for your no win no fee claim.

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