Most woman drink in the early stages of pregnancy when they are unaware they are pregnant. When a woman found out she was pregnant she asked a doctor if the baby would be okay, the doctor told her that the baby should be fine and that drinking a glass of wine a night might help her relax her blood circulation.

When the baby was born there where no signs that the alcohol had effected baby though as he got older the mother noticed that something was not right with her child.

Here son did not like how clothes felt against his skin and would only wear certain types of clothes. The mother and son found a brand of socks that the child liked but when the company stopped making the socks they had to go though twenty five different pairs of socks to find a new pair the child would wear. On the first day of nursery the child turned over the chairs no-one was sitting on; turned over kitchen items and through his shoes at the teacher. She also noticed that her son could not control his anger as he tried to jump out of a car when he had to leave a play area.

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