Cosmetic Surgery Dangers

Olivia Attwood, known for her participation in reality shows like Love Island, exposes the risks of the £3.6 billion UK cosmetic tweakment industry in a documentary. Having undergone various cosmetic procedures since age 20, including breast augmentation and reduction, Botox, and fillers, Attwood regrets succumbing to societal pressure for the “perfect” body.

The surge in cosmetic surgeries, particularly among young women, is fueled by affordability, availability, and the desire for an idealised yet “natural” appearance. The industry, theoretically regulated, faces challenges of underenforcement and unethical practices, exemplified by untrained individuals administering unsafe injections. Attwood emphasises the irreversible nature of cosmetic surgeries and warns against succumbing to trends. The documentary sheds light on alarming instances, such as teens getting injectables in informal settings and adult content creators risking health for aesthetic enhancements.

The voluntary register, Save Face that operates a register for doctors, nurses and dentists who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments urges the government to ban certain high-risk procedures, emphasising numerous complaints, including severe health complications. Attwood’s personal experience, from regrettable breast augmentation decisions to navigating the cosmetic landscape, serves as a cautionary tale. The government’s recent consultation on safer procedures and potential licensing schemes reflects growing concerns, though challenges persist in regulating the vast and lucrative industry.

Another popular cosmetic surgery that poses a danger particularly to young women is the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift.’ One major risk is the contracting of sepsis following medical procedures. This has been highlighted recently by ITV programme on Brazilian But Lifts and sepsis the investigation which provides a real life case study of Louise Moller was a 27-year-old hairdresser.  It is reported in the article hat Louise has ‘saw an advert online from Lift Aesthetics in Essex offering filler injections in the buttocks for just under £1500. The clinic has been endorsed by Katie Price who got her own liquid BBL done by them. Louise booked in and when she arrived, was surprised to find out that her procedure would be carried out by a company called Non Surgical Clinic Essex Ltd.’

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Cosmetic Surgery Boom

According to the The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (The BAAPS)a National Audit has seen the rise of plastic surgery procedures in both females and males.  Their website provides the following statistical analysis:

 ‘BAAPS National Audit Reveals 102% Rise in Procedures during 2022’

According to the new figures, 31,057 cosmetic procedures took place in 2022, up 102% from the previous year. Figures were expected to rise post pandemic due to pent up demand, however the numbers are higher than they were pre pandemic. In fact, 2022 saw the highest annual rise in procedures since the audit began in 2004.

Women underwent 93% of all cosmetic procedures recorded in 2022, a rise of 101% from 2021. The five most popular procedures for women were breast augmentation (up 66%), breast reduction (up 120%), abdominoplasty, also known as the tummy tuck (up 130%), liposuction (up 134%) and blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery (up 70%).

Men made up 7% of all cosmetic surgery procedures a rise of 118% from 2021. The five most popular procedures among men were rhinoplasty (up 45%), chest reduction (up 158%), blepharoplasty (up 105%), liposuction (up 150%) and octoplasty, ear correction, up 72%.

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Remedy if Consmetic Surgery Goes Wrong

In the realm of legal implications surrounding plastic surgery, Olivia Attwood’s journey sheds light on the complexities and risks associated with cosmetic procedures. The surge in demand for aesthetic enhancements prompts a closer examination of the legal landscape, with potential claims for negligence against plastic surgeons becoming a focal point.

As the cosmetic tweakment industry booms, the legal framework struggles to keep pace, creating a scenario where individuals may face challenges in holding practitioners accountable for adverse outcomes. Olivia Attwood’s regret over her cosmetic choices, including breast augmentation and subsequent reduction, underscores the importance of informed consent and thorough pre-surgical consultations.

The legal risks inherent in plastic surgery involve the potential for negligence claims against surgeons, particularly when procedures result in unexpected complications or undesirable outcomes. Surgeons are obligated to adhere to established standards of care, and deviations from these standards may expose them to legal consequences.

The blurred lines between surgical and non-surgical procedures further complicate the legal landscape. In an environment where underregulated practitioners administer injectables and other treatments, the risk of legal repercussions for substandard practices becomes more pronounced.

Attwood’s documentary highlights the need for legal reforms to address the burgeoning cosmetic industry’s challenges. The discrepancy between the uniformity of AI-generated content and the nuanced legal intricacies emphasizes the need for a comprehensive legal framework that considers the perplexing nature of cosmetic procedures and the burstiness of potential complications.

Ultimately, the legal risks associated with plastic surgery underscore the necessity for stringent regulations, clear ethical guidelines, and improved transparency within the cosmetic industry. As individuals navigate the pursuit of aesthetic perfection, legal safeguards become crucial to mitigate the potential dangers and provide avenues for recourse in cases of negligence.

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

With deceased of experience dealing with cosmetic surgery claims that have gone wrong it is important that if you have been affected by this article that you seek legal advice from our firm.  There are time limits to claim compensation for negligent cosmetic surgery which is usually three years from the date of the operations to the issue of court proceedings so please ensure that you contact us promptly to avoid being too late to make a claims.  Ideally you should instruct us with a minimum of one year left before the expiration of the three year period to claim as this will allow us time to obtain your medical records and instruct an independent plastic surgeon expert who is familiar with advising in medical negligence claims.

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