Noise Induced Hearing Loss is a problem that threatens over a million people in the UK. Around 170,000 people are believed to have already developed hearing loss as a result of their work but there may be many more that do not realise their hearing has been damaged or have yet to be diagnosed.

Hearing loss can have a serious impact on your life. The effects of hearing loss can’t be reversed and hearing aids only help the situation, they don’t cure it. Hearing loss can also creep up on you. You might not realise the full extent of your hearing loss until years later.

Most of us do not notice for some time a loss in our hearing health. More often than not our families notice it first. Usually the hearing loss develops over a long time especially where there is prolonged exposure to noise.

Common hearing problem indicators include:

  • Often being accused of not listening
  • Often saying pardon and asking people to repeat what they have said
  • Difficulty follwoing conversation in a group of people especially where there is background noise
  • Having television or radio on louder than is comfortable for other members of the family
  • Finding loud sounds uncomfortable
  • Difficulty hearing the telephone ring
  • Noises in your ears such as a ringing or buzzing

The law is clear, employers must ensure that all work equipment and machines do not emit noise that can be dangerous to hearing. If employers are not able to reduce the noise levels they must provide suitable ear protection, guidance, training and job rotation to eliminate the dangers.

Some of the common industries where there is excessive noise exposure:

  • Steel Works and Iron Foundaries
  • Coal Mining Industry (both underground and on the surface)
  • Sheet Metal Works and Coach Building
  • Construction Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Power Stations
  • Agriculture

If you’ve been exposed to excessive levels of noise in your employment which may have damaged your hearing, you may be entitled to make a hearing loss claimContact Us Now!

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