The New Guideline Hourly Rates Apply from 1st January

In a significant development, the judicial office has released the Solicitors updated guideline hourly rates set to take effect from January 1, 2024. The revised rates encompass grades A to D for both London, Liverpool and the rest of the country, marking a notable adjustment in fees for legal professionals. Master of the Rolls Sir Geoffrey Vos, in alignment with the Civil Justice Council’s costs review, has endorsed the adoption of these rates, signalling changes in the legal billing landscape.

For Solicitors’ clients the hourly rate is cost to the solicitor’s time when dealing with a case.  Solicitors traditionally charge in 6 minute units.  Therefore a letter or an email will be one 10th of the hourly rate (10 x 6 minutes – 1 hour).  So if a firm was charging your £200 per hour one email sent to you will cost £20.  The same applies for telephone calls and time considering and reviewing/drafting documents.  However more common especially now with personal injury claims under £100,000 the hourly rates are not used as solicitor are restricted to fixed costs.  Further solicitor working under these types of claims contract with clients under a No Win, No Fee (conditional fee basis).

Key Highlights of the Guideline Hourly Rates

1. Top-Fee Earners in London: High-earning legal professionals in London will now be eligible to claim £546 per hour, reflecting a considerable increase in the guideline hourly rates.

2. Effective Date: The updated rates will come into force on January 1, 2024, setting the tone for legal fee structures in the coming year.

3. Methodology Evaluation:  Acknowledging the evolving legal landscape and the ongoing digital transformation of civil justice, a working group is slated to be established to delve into the methodology underpinning the guideline hourly rates. This move demonstrates a commitment to ensuring a robust and equitable framework for legal billing.

What are the Solicitors Hourly Guideline Costs?

The updated 2024 Guideline rates to solicitors costs in England and Wales are set out in the table below:

Civil Justice Council’s Costs Review

The impetus behind the revision stems from the Civil Justice Council’s comprehensive ‘Costs Review.‘ Initiated in response to a request from the Master of the Rolls in 2022, the review aimed to take a strategic and holistic look at costs, particularly amidst the digital evolution of civil justice. The final report, published in May 2023, outlined key recommendations that find resonance in the updated guideline hourly rates. The full Guideline to Solicitors Costs can be downloaded by clicking on that link.

Master of the Rolls’ Endorsement and Future Initiatives

Sir Geoffrey Vos, serving as the Chair of the Civil Justice Council and Head of Civil Justice, expressed gratitude for the groundbreaking report and promptly endorsed all its recommendations. In a bid to align with the Services Producer Price Index, the 2021 Guideline Hourly Rates will undergo an uplift for inflation from January 1, 2024.

Additionally, the Master of the Rolls is proactive in addressing the nuanced aspects of costs budgeting. Recognising the diversity of legal cases, he emphasised that “one size does not necessarily fit all.” Consequently, he has directed the Civil Procedure Rules Committee to explore and pilot the suggestions contained in the Costs Review, underscoring a commitment to adapting legal practices to suit evolving needs.

The unveiled guideline hourly rates reflect a dynamic legal landscape where inflation and the digitalisation of civil justice play pivotal roles. Legal professionals, judges, and costs lawyers will navigate this shifting terrain, utilising these rates as crucial markers while acknowledging their status as broad approximations in the legal fee realm. The establishment of a working group signifies an ongoing commitment to refining the methodology, ensuring transparency, and adapting to the evolving demands of the legal landscape.

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