The Culture, Media, and Sport Committee’s latest report on Stadium Safety emerges from its inquiry into safety spectator issues, particularly prompted by disorder at Wembley during the Euro 2020 final and the challenges faced by Liverpool supporters at the 2022 Champions League final in Paris. The findings and recommendations are pivotal as large crowds attend sporting events, urging a reassessment of safety measures.

We know from history the dangers (or at least we had thought so) following the extensive investigations surrounding the tragic events at Hillsborough when 97 Liverpool fans lost their lives.

The recent incidents at football stadiums highlight a critical issue – the alleged incompetence of Football’s Governing Bodies one in particular here is Union des Associations Européennes de Football, (Uefa), stewards, police, local authorities (amongst others)  jeopardising the safety and enjoyment of spectators. Examining these shortcomings reveals a pressing need for immediate reforms in stewarding and policing practices. The incompetent of the Footballs Governing Bodies and Authorities including the police compromise the fundamental duty of ensuring football fans safety. Instances of overcrowding, unauthorised entry, and insufficient crowd control underscore the inadequacies in their ability to maintain a secure environment.

The potential disaster that could have caused many deaths at the  2022 UEFA Champions League final between  Liverpooland Spanish team Real Madrid on the evening of 28 May 2022, at the Stade de France in the suburb of Saint-Denis, France was averted by luck than anything else.

Compensation for Liverpool Fans Who Attended UCL Final in Paris

We are literally battling against Uefa’s own Solicitors in London.  Uefa have instructed Herbert Smith Freehills Solicitors (HFS) to defend the legal action against our clients, Liverpool Fans who have taken action for the injury and psychological damage caused by simply wanting to attend the stadium to watch the final between two of the top Club teams in the World.  At this time HFS have, on behalf of Uefa decided not to co-operate with R James Hutcheon Solicitors and refused to provide any details of other claimant solicitors also taking action against Uefa.

Despite the fact that HFS are based in London, following instructions from Uefa have refused to allow Liverpool based solicitors to accept court action within the jurisdiction. Uefa would like Liverpool Fans to incur the additional expense and time consuming delays  to issue out of jurisdiction in Switzerland. This looks particularly vengeful and not entirely co-operative.

Uefa are a Governing Body with deep financial pockets that can employ and indeed have employed some of the most expensive solicitors you can hire to defend the case for the chaos and near disaster at the Champions League Final.

Undeterred we at R James Hutcheon Solicitors are use to taking action on behalf of all our clients against multi-national corporations without fear or favour.  We are now preparing to take High Court Action against Uefa as all channels of negotiation now appear to be closed off by Uefa.

Accountability – Show Respect

Initially Uefa blamed Liverpool Fans for the fiasco and near disaster that evening. They even blamed Liverpool fans for late kick off putting out messages within the stadium. But an independent report published on 13 February 2023, found that UEFA bore primary responsibility for the organisational and safety failures in the run-up to the match. The report criticised both the organisation and the French police, and rejected claims by both that ticketless fans were to blame. The report stated that there was insufficient evidence for asserting the validity of such claims, and that with these claims both UEFA and French authorities made ‘a reprehensible attempt to avoid responsibility’.[1

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Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Will Be A Criminal Offence

The new report from the Culture Media and Sport Committee comes after its inquiry examining safety spectator chaotic scenes faced by Liverpool supporters and others caused by police failings at the Champions League final in Paris last year.

A prominent recommendation from the report is the creation of a new criminal offense addressing unauthorised entry to football matches. The committee supports the Unauthorised Entry to Football Matches Bill, presented by committee member Kevin Brennan MP. This proposed legislation aims to establish a distinct criminal penalty for unauthorised entry and empowers authorities to impose football banning orders on those convicted.

Enhancing Collaboration for Fan Protection Abroad

The report strongly criticises the treatment of Liverpool fans by French authorities during the 2022 Champions League final, deeming it “disgraceful.” It underscores the impact of foreign police forces on the chaos faced by British fans and recommends improved relationships with other governments to strengthen the role of British police traveling with teams and collaborating with local forces.

Addressing Alcohol and Drug Use

The report delves into the impact of alcohol and drug use at sporting events, calling for a comprehensive review of the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc) Act 1985. It advocates for a responsible alcohol sale pilot scheme, emphasising consultation with other sporting bodies to fully understand the implications before making decisions on legislation.

Stewarding and Training Fund

Recognising the crucial role stewards play in ensuring safety at sporting events, the committee proposes clarity on steward roles, responsibilities, and standards. It advocates for the development and publication of minimum expectations for stewarding standards by the Sports Ground Safety Authority. Additionally, the report suggests establishing a central training fund, with contributions tied to sporting leagues’ revenue, to uplift stewarding standards.

Stadium Management and Inclusivity

The report emphasises the need for local authorities to include diverse perspectives in Safety Advisory Groups, reaching demographic groups previously disregarded. It encourages safe standing pilots, updates to the Green Guide to accommodate all fans better, and addresses poor stadium design that impacts equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Conclusion of the new report

In conclusion, the report presents a comprehensive set of recommendations encompassing legislative measures, enhanced collaboration, steward training, and stadium improvements, all aimed at creating a safer, more inclusive environment for fans attending sporting events.

It is hoped that the report will be of assistance to underscore and provide safety measures to protect fans at football stadiums but clearly this is only a UK based report.  There must not only be multi-party co-operation between stake-holders but in addition multi-cooperation between European and World-Wide Countries to ensure safe attendance at all football stadiums.

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