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Motorbike accident death

A 23 years old motorcyclist was driving along a stretch of road where he came to a standstill at a set of traffic lights. When the traffic lights turned to “green” the motorcyclist set off on his motorcycle when a Ford Fiesta went through a red light and collided with him side on causing fatal injuries.

It is believed the claimant, acting on behalf of the sadly deceased motorcyclist, is claiming that the defendant failed to keep a proper look out at the traffic lights and is to have believed to be of driving too fast which has resulted in this sad fatality.
The claimant is currently claiming for motorcycle accident compensation on behalf of the deceased’s children who are under the age of 18, and have understandably suffered a significant emotion loss after losing their father.  

Under current UK law a maximum amount of £12,980 is granted for the death of a loved one called a bereavement award, but we consider this an insult.  We are currently campaigning to have this law reviewed, please help by signing the E-Petition will only take you 30 seconds on the Government website. If you do not wish to click on the link, search for “E-Petitions” then click on “View all open petitions” and in the search box type in “bereavement compensation.”  Thank you, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

Motorcycle injury accident claim

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