Positive Shift in Mesothelioma Numbers

Mesothelioma News: Hopeful Signs and Challenges Ahead

Positive Shift in Mesothelioma Numbers

Recent news suggests a positive change in the fight against asbestos-related cancer, particularly mesothelioma, in Great Britain. The latest report from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveals a drop in mesothelioma deaths in 2021, marking a promising development in tackling this swift and deadly cancer linked to asbestos exposure.

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What the Latest Report Tells Us:

According to the report, there’s been a notable improvement, with 2,268 mesothelioma-related deaths in 2021. This is a significant decrease from the previous year, showing that efforts to combat this dangerous cancer are making a real impact.

Taking a Closer Look at Mesothelioma History (Published: 22 Feb 2017)

Insights from the Past (1968–2014):

But let’s not overlook the bigger picture. Another report from HSE covering the years 1968 to 2014 tells a different story. It indicates that mesothelioma, stemming from asbestos exposure, is still a persistent issue. The number of deaths has stayed above 2,500 annually since 2012 and is expected to continue until the end of the decade. So, while there’s progress, there’s still work to be done.

Challenges in Understanding and Making Claims:

Understanding the data isn’t straightforward. Pinpointing mesothelioma to occupational asbestos exposure is tricky due to how data is collected. This creates difficulties in claims, especially when exposure happened in previous jobs or different environments. The data also presents a puzzling contrast – while HSE data suggests a decline in mesothelioma among men under 65, real-life cases seem to be increasing.

Looking Forward: What’s on the Horizon?

Despite recent improvements, the battle against mesothelioma isn’t over. The burden of this cancer, especially for women, is expected to persist. Exposure likely occurred during a time when the dangers of even low-level asbestos exposure should have been recognized. Seeking legal advice is crucial for affected families, given the challenges in understanding and proving claims. The introduction of specialist legal status is seen as a positive step, ensuring that experienced lawyers guide those affected. The government’s ability to recover funds through successful claims highlights the importance of seeking legal support for those dealing with mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Compensation Support and Reading

Victims of exposure to mesothelioma and their families will appreciate it can be a worrying time.  It is important to obtain specialist asbestos legal advice, not only to obtain compensation but to ensure that as solicitors we protect all interests and secure expert medical evidence in support.

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