The German Manufacture Mercedes Daimler have agreed to pay outof almost $3 billion to settle compensation claims by American regulators and lawsuits from vehicle owners stemming from a long-running inquiry into software to cheat diesel emissions tests.

The Times Newspaer has reported:

The German maker of Mercedes-Benz cars said that it expected an impact on its free cashflow over the next three years as a result, with the main hit coming within the next 12 months.

The settlements in principle address civil and environmental claims tied to 250,000 diesel passenger cars and vans in the United States.

“With the proposed settlements, the company takes an important step towards legal certainty with respect to various diesel proceedings in the United States,” the company said. It added that it had made sufficient provisions for the expected cost of the settlements. The carmaker expects to pay about $700 million to settle a class action lawsuit, including the court’s anticipated award of lawyers’ fees and costs.

Daimler said that the civil cases related to a consumer class action lawsuit which is pending before a New Jersey court. In January, Daimler warned that it faced further charges of up to €1.5 billion related to diesel pollution. It has also said that it was the subject of a Justice Department criminal investigation, but the status of that inquiry was not mentioned yesterday.

German carmakers have been caught up in legal and regulatory actions after Volkswagen admitted in 2015 to using engine control devices to cheat US diesel emission tests. The scandal triggered a global backlash against diesel vehicles that has cost VW €30 billion in fines, penalties, vehicle buyback costs and other settlements.

Merecedes Diesel Compensation – Recalls

Mercedes are sending out recall letters if your vehicle has an affected diesel engine that has a ‘defeat device’ fitted in the UK and Europe.

Testing of Mercedes Vehicles NOx Emissions

The Euro 6 Emissions Standard is the latest update since standards were introduced in 1993, that came into affect in 2015, apply in Europe to all manufacturers who wish to sell motor vehicles within the market place.  The Euro 6 Emissions are there to ensure EU’s policy to curb pollution from vehicles and protect the qualify of air we breath and the environment.  Each country will require the manufactures vehicles to undergo emission tests to ensure compliance with the Euro 6 Standard before it can be registered to sell in that country.

NOx is a harmful pollutant that is often blamed for damaging the environment, and has also been proven to have serious health implications.

The emissions test is conducted in a controlled environment. The ambient temperature, vehicle fluid levels and tyre pressures are all measured to maintain consistency between tests of different models, and this ensures the test is as accurate as possible. That means all cars are tested in the same conditions and means that the emissions figures recorded for them can be compared directly to each other when you’re comparing specs between cars.

How To Claim Mercedes Diesel Compensation Claims

It simple and easy through us.  We have extensive experience dealing with the VW Diesel Claims and indeed are one firm amongst a handful that have clients who will be  part of the test case.

To find out how to claim compensation against Mercedes Daimler for diesel emissions claim click on this link: Mercedes Diesel Claims.

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