Manchester Airport and Barbados Flight Delay Compensation

Flight delay compensation against Thomas Cook Travel is being made by some 200 passengers where their flight delay from Barbados to Manchester (BGI) Bridgetown, BB to (MAN) Manchester, EN, GB) airport had the flight delayed by some 45 hours.

It is reported by a local newspaper, The Liverpool Echo that the plane had developed fault which was the cause of the delay. The flight was schedule to take off from Barbados at Thursday 6.30 pm UK time, but did not fly until 3 pm on Saturday.

One passenger said:

“I was lucky because I had hired a car to make sure I could get back to Liverpool, but some people had to wait in the airport once we got back into Manchester because they originally expected to arrive at 6am, when trains have started running.

“It was all a bit of a shambles.”

Talking about the hotel passengers had to stay in, Matt – who had to miss a day a work because of the delay – said there was what looked like animal faeces on the floor, overhanging live wires and insects crawling around.

Thomas Cook Travel had been reported to say

“We’d like to sincerely apologise to our customers for the extended delay to their flight from Barbados to Manchester, which was caused by an unexpected technical fault that, despite our efforts, required further repair.”

How to claim flight delay compensation against Thomas Cook?

Flight Delay Compensation Thomas Cook Claim Form:

Our solicitors can advise that the compensation for the flight delay and Thomas Cook Travel will be in the region of £470 to £500. This is because of the following:

  • The flight delay was more than 3 hours (here a staggering 45 hours)
  • It was a long haul flight (Manchester to Barbados 4140 Miles/6660 Km)
  • Plane fault (whilst it is not clear from the article, as a result of the Supreme Court decision, even technical faults to a plane is no bar to make a claim against Thomas Cook Travel).

Every Passenger Can Claim for flight delay

The compensation for flight delay against Thomas Cook from Manchester Airport is easy to obtain when through us. The Airlines will appreciate that as solicitors your claim is serious complaint and if rejected they will appreciate that your claim will not be easily ignored.

Make the claim now: Flight Delay Compensation Thomas Cook Claim Form.

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