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M62 Motorway whiplash injury compensation

A rear-end shunt motorway road accident occurred when the driver of a BMW was struck from the rear by an Audi TT. The force of the impact caused the occupant to be jolted forwards and backwards rapidly causing a whiplash injury compensation claim.

Whiplash injury claim Solicitors Instructed

The BMW driver search online for “whiplash injury compensation solicitors” and found this web site. He then completed the whiplash injury claim form in order to make an online claim. He explained that he had contacted his own insurer’s Panel Solicitor but before instructing a solicitor decided to shop around. After finding us, he was happy to proceed as he was advised that he was not obliged to use his insurance solicitor to make a claim.

Whiplash injury sustained.

He soft tissue injury to his neck and lumbar spine lasted for a duration of 16 months for the whiplash and lumbar spine for 8 months. The pain gradually subsided. The damage to the vehicle was fixed within 7 weeks. The reason for the delay was to obtain some parts that had to be ordered in by the garage. A replacement vehicle was offered and accepted by the BMW client on like for like basis. Had he gone with a courtesy car via his insurance company he was offered a Vauxhall Cora or other smaller car which was not suitable for his line of work. The car hire was on the basis that it was a no fault accident claim and thus the said cost, in the circumstances of his work and nature of the repairs, was reasonable.

Whiplash injury compensation amounts

The whiplash injury compensation claim was settled for £4,100 in full and final settlement of the action.

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