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Compensation for a flight delay has been offered to passengers who were flying into an EU airport and they were delayed by over three hours, yet they have been offered pizza.

Compensation for flight delay

They said: Four of us went to a match in Treviso last week and our return flight from Treviso to Dublin was delayed. We were to land in Dublin at 19:55 but landed only at 23:30. The airline offered us a pizza at Treviso airport but now, following our enquiries, has advised us by email that that’s the only form of “compensation” we are going to get.  Full article here.

What I Need to know to claim compensation for a flight delay

The right to claim are set out below:

1.    Was the flight delayed by more than 3 hours?
2.    Was the delayed flight the airline’s fault?
3.    Was your delayed flight booked within the last 6 years?
4.    Does your delayed flight from an EU Airport or EU Airline?
5.    Did you check-in on time for your flight?

The EU Regulation says that delays of three hours or more in the case of all flights within the EU of more than 1,500km are covered. The flight above was 1,580kms and the delay was 3 hours and 35 minutes and so the 4 passengers are entitled to claim compensation for the flight delay, and they are entitled to more than pizza!

The European Court of Justice specified that compensation must be paid, where the delay is more than three hours, in the same amount as a cancellation.  So, under the rules the compensation for the flight delay in this case should be about €400 (unless it is proven it was caused due to exceptional circumstances out of the airlines control).

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