“Danke, Jürgen”

Jürgen Klopp, in an emotional farewell event, gave fans a deep look into his principles, humour, and personality. At the stellar evening Klopp suggested that if Manchester City were stripped of their Premier League titles he would be in on the  bus parade!

The packed M&S Bank Arena erupted into cheers, with 10,000 Liverpool fans rising to their feet, chanting his name.The comedian Bishop began by highlighting how Klopp revitalised a club that seemed lost. Klopp’s success, was not just on the field but off the field.  The staff in the canteen, the groundsman that was his real genius.  A new beginning that was a cultural revolution.  The first team did not know any of the non-footballing staff names. Klopp seen that they did and even took them all on holiday for a unique bonding session.

Also Klopp realised that Liverpool’s owners were a business.  There must be a return on investment.  Klopp was in the middle between getting success off field as well as on.  A fine line that he navigated to perfection.  Fans, staff and owners alike admired Klopp that was in tune with all and the culture of Liverpool as a city.   Virtually every non-Liveprool fan I have spoken to wish they had Klopp as their manager.   Klopp simply is a genius that underscored respect, unity, and shared purpose, foundational elements that spurred Liverpool’s transformation.

Asked What Trophies Would He Have Won With Unlimited Funds (Like City)

When John Bishop refereed to the 115 charges against Manchester City, which the champions deny. “You leave this club having won the Premier League once,” but “There could be a court decision that means you’ve won the Premier League three times…”

Klopp’s retort, “If you organise a bus parade, I’m in. How long it takes, I don’t care.”

But what would have Klopp done if Liverpool had unlimited financial muscle? “ “Imagine Kylian Mbappé here. Imagine [Jude] Bellingham, [Erling] Haaland. It is not us, it just does not fit. We won what we won and we did it the Liverpool way. We had hard conversations and other clubs didn’t do that in the same time.”

Klopp praised the owners, he said that “We built two new stands, a new training ground, we bought Melwood back — selling it in the first place was the dumbest idea. The owners do what owners do. Surprise. The owners want to earn money. Sorry to tell you that. It’s not like they earn money daily; they invest, and that’s how the whole world goes.”

All Liverpool fans bid farewell to Klopp a legend for the Club and a legend for the City.


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