Insurer taken to court by whiplash injury solicitor

As whiplash injury compensation solicitors we are often alerted and alarmed about some of the practices adopted by the motor insurance industry. This story is of no surprise where an insurance company for the driver at fault, decides to contact the whiplash injury claimant direct and offer them compensation for their injury. Read more: whiplash injury and insurer

Simply to ignore they have a solicitor is plainly wrong. Why would they choose to ignore the fact that they have a solicitor?

There is only one reason, it appear to us in the given circumstances and that is simply to short change whiplash compensation payout and try to save paying the solicitors costs.

How Insurers Obtain Your Details

When making a whiplash injury compensation claim the solicitor provide your details to the insurance company (they must do this to make a claim) such details will be:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your date of birth
  • Accident details
  • Passenger details
  • Accident circumstances
  • and more…

The insurance company must then respond to the claim. But as they now have your contact details they can write to you direct and make direct offers to settle.

Offers to settle whiplash compensation claims without a medical report

It is not uncommon that insurance companies will make an offer to settle your whiplash injury compensation claim even without a medical. It is simply to avoid the cost of the solicitors obtain a medical report which the insurance company has to pay at the end of the case. Often if a settlement is achieved it usually means that the whiplash compensation claim is undervalued.

Don’t settle without a medical report

Our advise as whiplash injury compensation claim solicitors is never to settle without a medical report. If you do, you run the risk of being undercompensated if, at a later stage, the whiplash injury persists longer than anticipated.

Whiplash injury claim now

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