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5 Steps: How to Claim Against Mercedes Diesel Emissions

Our 5 easy Step Guide to claim for Mercedes diesel compensation.

By way of a brief background, Mercedes have been accused by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) of installing ‘defeat software‘ in some diesel engines that limited emissions readings during vehicle emissions testing misrepresenting the actual emissions during ‘real-world’ driving. The nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of the engines as a result did not comply with EU regulatory requirements.  As a result of the software a significant proportion of the Mercedes diesel engines breached the emission levels of the EU designed to reduce pollutants into the atmosphere.

In a 2019 report by Bloomberg provided an analysis of 684,000 ‘tainted vehicles’ costing $960 Million to settle ‘Rigged Diesel-car Probe.’  A further online article by Europe Autonews advised that Frankfurt prosecutors are looking to fine Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler between 800 million and 1 billion euros for diesel related violations.  A fine of up to 5,000 euros per vehicle is being considered.

A full background and our Top 15 Questions and Answers can be found on our web page: Mercedes Diesel Compensation Claims

How to Check Your Vehicle Is Affected

Below is our 5 step guide to claim and be part of the Group Litigation for Mercedes diesel compensation.


Step OneHave You Had A Recall Letter from Mercedes/Daimler?

If so your vehicle is affected and you will be in a position to claim compensation.  You should send to us a copy of that letter so to confirm the position.  We will then register your claim for the pending group litigation.

You will need to keep all the documents in support of purchase and sale if relevant and any documents to prove ownership such as the V5 log book and any finance documents.

If you have not received a recall letter, please follow the guidance below on How to Claim Compensation against Mercedes for Diesel Emissions.

Step Two – Find The Year of Manufacture of Vehicle

The first thing to do is check the year of manufacturer, the affected diesel models were sold between September 2009 and February 2016.

Step Three – Find Out The Model of the Vehicle

Check if your model is affected, don’t forget the affected vehicles relate to cars and vans.

The common feature is that the vehicles must have acquired a diesel engine fitted with ‘Adblue‘ or a ‘BlueTec‘ specification; the models affected are:

There may be more cars/vans that are affected, so please contact us with your vehicles details if you are unsure. You must provide us with you VIN number of the vehicle. If you no longer have the vehicle you may be able to check it with the DVLA but you must contact them direct to obtain the VIN number.

It is understood that the ‘defeat’ software is programmed to lower the amount of the ‘Ad Blue‘ that is being injected into the diesel engines after a prescribed period, this then lowers the efficiency of the SCR filter that leads to a much higher NOx emissions in the real-world environment compared with the test conditions.

What Mercedes say about their AdBlue technology:

Step Four – Find The VIN Number of the Vehicle

Here is a webpage that tells you where you are likely to find your VIN No: How to Find My Mercedes VIN Number:

All Mercedes cars and vans have their own unique identifier code called a VIN. It is a 17-digit number with a three letter code. It will look something like: WDD123456789A1234. The VIN number contains vital information about the vehicle, such as:

The date of manufacture,
Year of production,
Engine type,

VIN numbers are therefore important to check with Mercedes to establish if your vehicle has the ‘defeat’ software installed on the diesel engine.

The VIN number will usually be obtained in your log book or on the vehicle itself by checking the windscreen, doors, floor of the driver or passenger seat, and steering column.

Step 5 – Check the Vehicle is Affected

Click on the link below and enter your VIN number, it will tell you if your vehicle is affected.  If so please take a copy of the webpage or take a picture with your phone and send it to us.

Mercedes VIN Checker for Diesel Engines and Compensation.

If you have any problems with the online Mercedes VIN checker you can contact them direct:

Mercedes Customer Services Telephone Number: 020 7660 9993 or visit their Customer Services Web Site.

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For more information please view our page: Mercedes Diesel Compensation Claims



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