How much for whiplash injury?

The Good News

The amount of compensation payouts for whiplash injuries has since April 2013 been increased by 10%. Surprised. So were we, the whiplash injury claim solicitors until we heard the bad news.

The Bad News

Well that extra 10% whiplash compensation that you receive for the pain and suffering may not be as good as you think. This is because the motor insurance companies have managed to slash whiplash injury solicitor’s costs by more than half. Due to this drastic cut in lawyer fees and the Government’s desire to cut down on personal injury claims, it was decided that to compensation whiplash injury solicitors, they can take up to 25% of the compensation payout.

Thus: most whiplash claim solicitors will now take 25% of your compensation if you win leaving you 15% worse off than before April 2013. However it is more than that because the 25% solicitors costs levied against your compensation is not limited to your whiplash injury, it can also be taken against your losses such as:

  • loss of earnings
  • medical expenses
  • damage to motor vehicle
  • travel expense and parking fees
  • insurance excess and fees

Don’t forget solicitors can take up to 25% of your whiplash injury compensation claim in addition to the above.

How much for whiplash injury payouts?

Well from what has been said above, if you go to another firm of solicitors, how much you get may be a lot less than bringing your claim through us. Why? Because we do not take anything from your compensation.

By bringing your claim with us, we do not charge you a percentage You have the ability, a choice to decide if you want to keep 100% of your compensation if you win your claim.

So how much for a whiplash injury?

In short, it depends on which whiplash claim solicitor you instruct. Through us, you may well obtain 25% more than going elsewhere, which means you will feel much happier to spend the money on you and your family than giving it to a whiplash injury lawyer!

Contact us now to make a claim through us.

Whiplash injury compensation guide.

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