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Whip lash symptoms whip lash, what is whip lash

As personal injury whip lash solicitors (often spelt whiplash) we are often asked what are whip lash symptoms or indeed what is whip lash? From a non-medical description, and simply put it is effectively pain in the neck resulting from soft tissue injury commonly called whip lash.

The soft tissue injury is due to the movement of the neck upon impact in a motor vehicle when struck from behind by another car. The movement of the neck hyper-extends forwards and backwards which stretches the soft tissue and muscles in the neck. This stretching gives rise to the discomfort and pain associated with whip lash symptoms.

What is whip lash? – some arguments by Defendant insurers

Some insurance companies will try to argue that if soft tissue pain in the neck does not manifest themselves shortly after the road accident then there is a ‘fraud’ element to the claim or that there is some sort of exaggeration. We are often informed by the driver who caused the car crash claim that there was nothing wrong with whip lash driver immediately after the car accident. This is often the case but a miss-conception hence the insurance company sometimes taking a stance and arguing credibility against the injured victim as an issue that no whip lash injury has in fact been caused.

This is so, especially where the there is what is called in the legal industry as a ‘low velocity impact whip lash claim’ where arguments are put that due to minor collision damage that no occupant in the vehicle could have sustained a whip lash injury.

It is often the case, however that whip lash symptoms do not often manifest themselves until many hours or even days after the road traffic accident.

What is Whip lash injury? – The Compensation Claim?

Therefore despite the fact that a driver or passenger in a car may not have developed whip lash injury symptoms until hours of days after the road traffic accident this does not mean that a compensation for whip lash claim cannot be made. As specialist road accident solicitors in this area we will advise you every step of the way. Just contact us now for advice.

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