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How much compensation for whiplash? £3,200 (12 months Whiplash injury)

Road traffic accident compensation calculator summary:

A driver sustained personal injury following a road traffic accident claim, in particular whiplash injuries. The pain did not develop until 24 hours after the car crash. He noticed stiffness and pain which progressively became worse of the following hours until he had to see his GP.

However, he could not see his GP until the next day, some 2 days after the road collision. During this time, he did not take any time off work save for half a day when he saw his GP.

The doctor advised him that he had indeed sustained whiplash injury and that he should rest and take pain killers.

Following his advise he took one week off work and took pain killers for a further 2 days thereafter.

He was unable to go to the Gym for 8 weeks, suffered from travel anxiety for 6 months and developed headaches. The headaches where intermittent in nature, about 3 times per week for a duration of 4 months. He would describe the pain at 5, with 10 being the most severe pain he has experienced in his life.

Whiplash injury claim was settled for £3,200 with a 12 month prognosis.

Whiplash injury road traffic accident compensation calculator summary:

Driver – whiplash injury claim – £3,200 – 12 months

  • Other personal injuries: headaches 4 months
  • Wasted gym membership reimbursed

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