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Whiplash injury claim calculator £2,900 (11 months Whiplash)

The road accident compensation claim solicitors report that the claimant at the time of the whiplash injury claim suffered soft tissue injury pain to his neck and lower part of his back. He also suffered some pain to his leg and developed travel anxiety.

It was not until 2 days after the whiplash injury accident claim that he began to experience pain and suffering. He saw his GP who prescribed him with some pain killers.

He talked to his insurance company to advise them of the accident and put in a claim for personal injury for the road traffic accident. He initially instructed his insurance company accident solicitor but became dissatisfied with them and transferred his claim to his new local solicitor to take over the case.

Following the new whiplash injury solicitors receipt of the file of papers from the old solicitors, the obtained a medical report to advise upon his injuries for whiplash.

The medical expert was of the view that he was suffering from whiplash injury and that a ful recovery would be made within 11 months from the date of the road crash claim and the nervousness when travelling would resolve within 4 months.

The whiplash injury compensation payout was settled between his new solicitor and the insurance company of the other car driver in the sum of £2,900.


Whiplash injury compensation pay out for 10 months pain and suffering £1800 through his accident solicitors.

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