Holiday Flight Delay Compensation

Everyone looks forward on going on their holidays. When flying by plane, the kids are excited, fighting to get the window seat. But, as often happens the board at the airport refers to a flight delay. Not so bad for half an hour or may be an hour but when it gets beyond 3 hours, that is where it really starts to become a frustration and a grind. More so if there are young children or a crying baby to contend with. Its gets more frustrating if you have a connecting flight (are you going to miss it?) or family members waiting at the other end to pick you up in the middle of the night.

It’s not a great start is it? Most people, we are sure, would rather that flight take off on time, but should the delay exceed the 3 hour delay period, each passenger has a right to claim for flight delay compensation by solicitors. Under EU Regulation 261/2004 a claim can be made if the delay was not an exceptional circumstance.

How Much Flight Delay Compensation Will You Receive?

The amount depends on the distance involved between the airports that you are flying to and from. On long distance flights, say Heathrow Airport to JFK in New York, you could be entitled to almost £480 subject to currency. So if are delayed, why not make a flight delay compensation claim with us. We will help you make a plane delay claim.

Advice on flight delay compensation claims

Please visit the following webpages that will help you:

General reading can be found on the subject: Summer Holiday Flight Delayed? Here’s how to claim compensation

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