Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Compensation Claims On the Increase

There has been an increase in industrial deafness claim according to the Association of British Insurers – Industrial Deafness New Cash Cow. They blame the increase because the Conservative Government reduced solicitors fees on may claims such as:

As a result of the reduction in costs, the ABI claim that solicitors are now looking to hearing loss compensation claims which are not currently subject to fixed legal costs. It is not, however, the fact that in heavy industry since the 1960s, 1970’s & 1980’s in particular workers have been exposed to excessive loud noise at work resulting in hearing damage.

It must be remembered that continuous noise damage over a period of time can take many years to manifest itself into a hearing loss that becomes noticeable. Thus it is not uncommon for 10 years or more to pass after a worker was exposed to excessive noise at work to notice they have any hearing damage.

However, because hearing loss due to noise taken a long time to cause a disability most workers fail to recognise that the noise damage was caused by work. Many workers think that the hearing loss is due to old age or in fact they deny that there is any problem!

Don’t Wait to make an industrial deafness claim – Tinnitus Claim

There are time periods to make an industrial deafness claim or tinnitus claim due to noise. The general rule is that there are 3 years from when you made a connection that your industrial deafness was caused by work. If you issue court proceedings after the 3 year period you may lose the right to make a claim.

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