Hearing Loss Compensation Calculator

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There are many factors that are used by deafness claim solicitors to establish how much compensation you are due if exposed to excessive noise at work between 1963 to date.

Many workers are exposed to noise particularly in heavy industry and factories.  It is generally the case that since 1963 when a Government Paper was published, every employer had a duty to ensure that their employees were not exposed to dangerous levels of noise.  If they were then they should take steps to reduce the noise as far as practically possible, provide hearing protection and rotate employees duties etc.  If your employer has failed to do one or more of these safety steps to reduce the level of noise and you have suffered deafness or hearing loss at work, you can claim compensation.

Deafness Compensation Calculator

The amounts of compensation at work for deafness varies according to the facts of the case.  The hearing loss solicitors who specialise in this area will advise you of your claim with reference to where you have worked and the independent medical report that is required to test your ears and see if hearing loss has been caused by work and not other causes.

Deafness Compensation Claims

Other Causes of Hearing Loss – not Due to Deafness At Work

There are many causes of deafness that are not work related due to exposure to excessive noise.  The most common are:

1 Age related loss (as we get older we all lose part of our hearing)

2 Head injury – which may caused hearing damage and tinnitus (noises-buzzing, whistling in the ears)

3 Various drugs that can affect your hearing.

4 Born defects or natural causes that are not work related.

5 Wax in ears, which is quite frequent, where you will need to see your GP or this to be removed.

Hearing Loss Compensation Calculator

To find out how much your work related deafness claim is worth contact the specialist solicitor now for advice all under our no win no fee solicitor service.

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Age Related Hearing Loss

Interesting the most common cause of hearing loss that deafness compensation solicitor have to deal with is age related hearing loss.  As mentioned previously with age, we all lose part of our ability to hear.  There is no set loss of hearing due to age, we are all different.  Therefore some lose their hearing more that others due to age alone without the affects of noise at work.

Therefore experts have come up with some statistical data called the NPL Tables that have assessed individuals in different age groups to provide some figures of the possible average age related loss.  Therefore when your solicitor and medical expert considers your claim they will take into account the hearing tests and compare your hearing loss with the tables to see if there has been any damage to your hearing over and above the age related hearing loss.  No compensation can be made for loss due to your age or other factors.

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