A Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (otherwise known as Vibration White Finger) claim will be successful where we can prove your employer should have known that symptoms of vibration white finger were likely given the working patterns involved, and the length of time the employee was exposed to the vibrating tools.

Since the mid 1970s most employers have been aware that the use of hand held vibrating tools can cause damage to their employee’s fingers. Furthermore, Employers have a responsibility to protect their employees from Vibration White Finger injuries. They must provide you with the necessary tools to carry out your job and employers have a legal obligation to provide safe working conditions for their employees.

For example, employers should:

  • Provide appropriate training on using vibrating tools safely. Tools should be held as loosely as possible
  • Make sure employees take regular breaks of at least 10 minutes
  • Make sure tools are well maintained
  • Provide anti-vibration gloves

When employers fail to take reasonable, practical steps to address the causes of Vibration White Finger, and an employee suffers as a result, they may be able to claim VibrationWhite Finger compensation

Symptoms of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome include a tingling sensation and numbness or whiteness of parts of the fingers which can become worse in cold weather. More severe symptoms associated with Vibration White Finger include severe loss of grip strength and reduced dexterity.

Unfortunately there is little effective treatment once Vibration White Finger has developed. The body and hands should be kept warm which may help to maintain a good blood flow to the fingers; this may reduce the risk of discomfort. However, once damage to the nerves or nerve fibres has occurred there is no means of repair.

There are strict time limits in personal injury and industrial disease claims such as Vibration White Finger compensation. Don’t delay making your Vibration White Finger claim and contact us immediately for free initial advice.

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