Football Child Abuse

It has recently come to light that those who were victims of football child abuse were paid to keep quiet about what had happened to them by former coaches. This allegation came a couple of days after Chelsea Football Club issued an apology to their former player.

According to sources, the said Football Player was paid £50,000 to keep quiet about discussing the football sexual abuse he suffered. Amongst some of the victims who have gone public such as Andy Woodward, Steve Walters and Chris Unsworth, who say they were sexually abused during their time at Crewe Alexandra Football Club. They recently expressed in an interview that they have not had even the slightest of apologies from the football club they were at and they find this very hurtful. Steve Walters has appealed for more high profile football players to raise awareness of the scandal by pledging their support.

Smethurst, a former director of Sale Sharks rugby union club explained that

There are specific allegations against specific individuals, many of whom have been rumoured to be involved for a very long period of time, some of whom still work in the senior echelons of football and it’s extremely worrying. There are certain names who wouldn’t surprise you who do come up repeatedly. Certainly some names have come out that I haven’t heard before but I can’t pretend to have a total knowledge of what the public domain is.

There number of people coming forward who were victims of the football child abuse scandal is increasing every day. Seemingly, there are people who are still in the game today whom allegations have been brought against.

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