Flight delays could increase due to air traffic controller shortage.

Your next flight delay could be due to a critical shortage of air traffic controllers.

flight delays

The number of controllers, which was already at a 27-year low, continued to decline in the first three months of this year. Most of the officials who testified said they don’t believe safety is at risk, but there was widespread agreement that flight delays are bad and getting worse because of the staffing shortage.

“Unfortunately budgetary missteps and the FAA’s bureaucratic red tape have led to a shortage of air traffic controllers,” said Paul Rinaldi, president of the union that represents the controllers. He said that shortage will cause “further system inefficiencies, delays, and a reduction in air traffic services for the flying public.”   Part of the problem is still a hangover from a 2013 hiring freeze due to the budget fight that led to a funding cut. That’s because it takes two to four years to fully train new hires. About one quarter of the current controllers are eligible for retirement, and there aren’t enough replacements in training to fill all those slots, let alone make up for the current shortfall.

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