You could be entitled to up to £480 in plane delay compensation if your holiday has sadly been soured by flight delays. See our website for all you need to know.

Flight delays and cancellations can wreck holidays, yet only one in three passengers claim the plane delay compensation that could be due.  This is because many people are not aware of their rights or do not have the time to fight the airlines. 

plane delay compensation

We can take the hassle out of this process and ascertain if you are entitled to any plane delay compensation, just contact us today for a no win no fee claim – what do you have to lose?

If you have been travelling from an EU aiport, or into an EU airport on an airline based in an EU member state (including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and the flight was delayed by more than three hours you will be entitled to compensation.
Extraordinary circumstances, like severe weather or security risks, will not be covered by compensation.

Holidaymakers who suffered delays as far back as February 2005 can still be reimbursed.  However in the UK, due to the statute of limitations, if you need to take the airline to court to get the cash (which is not too common), you can only go back six years.

The compensation is then calculated according to the length of the flight and how long you were delayed.   Passengers should also be entitled to free meals and refreshments, free telephone calls and a hotel stay if necessary.

If your flight was cancelled, you are automatically entitled to a refund of the ticket as well as cash compensation, unless the airline has given you prior warning and has planned a re-routed flight, or the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided.

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