Flight delayed because professors equations raised terror fears:

An economics professor had his flight delayed because a fellow passenger thought the equations he was writing might be a sign he was a terrorist.

American Airlines confirmed another passenger expressed suspicions about the economics professor.

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The professor was solving a differential equation, but said he was told the woman thought he might be a terrorist because of what he was writing.

American Airlines spokesman said the crew followed protocol to investigate her allegations and they determined them to be non-credible.

The plane was ready to take off when it returned to the gate and the passenger left.   The professor was then asked to disembark the plane and “met by some FBI looking man-in-black”  full article is here.  “They ask me about my neighbour,” he wrote. “I tell them I noticed nothing strange. They tell me she thought I was a terrorist because I was writing strange things on a pad of paper. I laugh. I bring them back to the plane. I showed them my math.” He advised he that he was “treated respectfully throughout”.

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