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Flight delay Manchester Airport to Canada for 30 hours.  

The Air Canada flight to Toronto was delayed by more than 30 hours as passengers were due to take off on Friday lunchtime, but as many as 197 passengers had to wait until the end of the weekend to leave.  

flight delay

Some passengers began to cry when they were told they had to spend a second night in a hotel near Manchester Airport due to the flight delay.  

At one stage the flight delay passengers waited on the tarmac for a reported five hours.  ‘There’s three, four security members around us,’ said disgruntled customer Jonty Shannon.  One person then tweeted to the airline: ‘A second night in Manchester … due to more flight delays. AirCanada this is not how to treat your passengers.‘  And another wrote: ‘horrendous experience. Stuck in Manchester for 2 days and no one has been in contact to tell us what’s going on.’

On Friday a reported 45 seats were overbooked when a fault in the original plane meant it was replaced with an aircraft containing fewer seats.
In the end everyone was sent to a hotel, where passengers reported they were fed ‘just sandwiches and chips’ before travelling back to the airport ready for a 11am flight on Saturday.

But repeated delays kept them there until the early evening.   Again, this time due to flight crew issues, the trip was cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday after noon.

A spokesperson for Air Canada said: ‘We apologize for the extended flight delay: this does not meet our own standards and we are sorry we’ve let our customers down.’

Passengers in this case who have suffered a flight delay will be entitled to the maximum flight delay compensation Contact us today to take the hassle out of your flight delay claim and recover the compensation you are entitled to.  

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