Flight delay compensation Thomas Cook

Flight delay Thomas Cook passengers were stuck on a plane for four hours as cabin temperatures reached 36C.
The Thomas Cook Airlines flight, with 275 passengers on board, was scheduled for a 1.55pm departure to the Greek island of Kos from Manchester Airport.

flight delay compensation Thomas Cook

The plane became stuck at the gate for around three hours while paperwork was cleared then, after that it taxied to the runway but a “technical fault” apparently forced it to turn back.  

One passenger wrote on Facebook that temperatures reached 36 degrees Celsius inside the plane, and that water was refused as ‘it wasn’t procedure‘. The passenger stated he had to ‘strip his two-year-old down to her nappie‘, as staff ‘kept refusing to hand out water’.

The captain then informed everyone that there was now a fault with the rear stabiliser and that the flight had to be cancelled.

Another passenger stated:’It was probably about another hour until we disembarked onto coaches. During our time on the plane [after it returned to the gate] the air conditioning wasn’t on, and it got pretty warm, enough to make most adults sweaty and angry, and the kids sleepy or screaming.’
The passengers were led off the Thomas Cook aircraft and taken back into the Manchester airport terminal, where they were told they would be transported 90 minutes away to Blackpool.

The passengers were then put on some coaches after another hour, and then travelled for about two and a bit hours to Blackpool.  The passengers then checked into the Hilton Blackpool hotel around 9pm, where they were given complimentary food and drink and the Thomas Cook flight delay plane then departed the hotel at 6am and have now finally departed for Kos.

We apologise wholeheartedly to all the customers on the Thomas Cook Airlines Condor flight who were delayed at Manchester Airport,‘ said the spokesperson.  ‘We will of course compensate all the passengers for this bad experience. We will also be looking into all the procedures that took place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

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